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My goals are to improve my core competencies and experience new design challenges. Concerning my vision as designer, I want to focus on user-centered design, technology integration combined with user interaction and (more) integration of sustainability in the design cycle.

The interaction between user and product should be intuitive and is a vital part of the design success. By increasing my knowledge and experience concerning design user-centered design mythologies, enables me to optimize the user-product interaction and to optimize the designs for the user within its context.

Using technology enables me to add intelligence towards designs and create interactive prototypes to gather design input. In addition, technology is used to communicate between designers, users and experts. By increasing my understanding and skills concerning technology and electronics, I can take these applications towards a higher level.

Finally yet importantly, I want to become more skilled in implementing sustainability in the design cycle. Sustainability is underrated nowadays, but within a few years, everybody has to face the environmental consequences. In my opinion, designers can have a huge impact on the reduction of the environmental pollution. Until now, I got skilled by gathering theoretical knowledge, in the future I would like to bring this more intro practice. Possible future companies I would like to work are: AppleGreenHeart (by SonyEricsson) and Philips Eco.

In the future, I would like to broaden my vision as designer. A master program should be chosen carefully, based on my demands and wishes as designer. Eindhoven enabled me to go international. I prefer studying abroad for new design experiences and a future work environment. I’ve been in Eindhoven for four years now. I’m found of new challenges and therefore I would like to go to another institute. This will force me to work in another way and enable me to become an all-round designer. In addition I will than discover the specific quality and approach of each institute which will sharpen my vision, as mentioned in the coach feedback too. What’s more I would like to add more ‘business’ perspective towards my design approach, which is together with sustainability lacking in Eindhoven in my opinion.



Msc Design for Interaction in Delft

The Master of Science Design for Interaction on TU Delft has my preference at this time. This Master is well related and fit seamlessly to the competencies I developed concerning Industrial Designer in Eindhoven. I visited this faculty a few times and I’m very enthusiastic about their education system. It enables students to select courses suited to their personal development. It is more ‘down to earth’ compared with Eindhoven and therefore suites better towards my vision and identity as designer. In addition they offer more marketing/business-related courses compared with Eindhoven, which is for me an important criteria concerning my further development as Industrial Designer.

Other options:

Msc Industrial Ecology in Delft/Leiden/Rotterdam

Msc Industrial Ecology is spread out over Delft (Technological Systems Innovation), Leiden (Integrated Systems Analysis) and Rotterdam (Organization and Transition Management) to gain input from multiple perspectives as designer. Three fields of science (natural, engineering and social sciences) provide the basic concepts and theories for the Industrial Ecology program, as well as determining the program’s structure. The three dimensions of sustainable development (people, planet, and profit) and the three disciplinary approaches are clearly reflected in how the program is organized. The Industrial Ecology program trains students in analysis, methodology, design, and implementation of societal activities, with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact of these activities while maintaining their functionality.

Msc Design & Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Italy

The professional figure graduating from the Master of Science in Design and Engineering is that of a designer able to confront himself with process engineers; of a prototype and simulation designer; of a project leader, i.e. a designer holding a global vision of a product’s life cycle; of an expert in materials, set within the industrial sectors.

Msc Advanced Product Design at Umeå University, Sweden

Sweden in common has drawn my attention due to its combination of technology and the environment. The Advanced Product Design program involves the design of many types of products. The program focuses on the advanced treatment of design, user studies, problem identification and analysis, new materials and technologies, advanced presentation methods, strategic design, industrial organization and consulting techniques.