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Reminder Bracelet project

PON, Innoflow & Symantics

Project description:

The main goal of our project was to support the caretaker of a dement­ed person. We tried to do this by designing a simple and user-friendly product for the patient. We designed a reminder bracelet that notices if the patient visits the toilet regularly. With this product we will decrease the time the caretaker has to spend with and worry about the patient.

Concept description:
With our product we solve the problem of forgetting to visit the toilet, the caretaker will not have to worry about this any­more. The person with dementia wears a fashionable bracelet with a timer in it. The caretaker has a key fob with a timer that’s synchro­nized with the one in the bracelet. When it’s time to visit the toilet the demented person get notified by vibration, light and the pre-recorded voice of the caretaker. After the toilet visit the caretaker will get notified of the visit. Besides, this device can be used for other issues like medication or eating for example.

Growth as a designer:

During this project I learned that a combination of ‘cc-box-method’ with criteria-list is a nice selection procedure. The CC-box’-method is a very nice method to do pre-selections, while selecting ideas. Selecting ideas, based on a list of criteria is extremely useful. I should describe the criteria very well in advance. This method will help me to select the most appropriate ideas.  Also the ‘Acting-out’-method is useful method to empathize yourself into the user. I learned that expanding the design for multiple purposes is a possibility to ensure long term business success. Furthermore I got more familiar with the InDesign Program to design reports. Also the use of several models can give me a better view about the shape and ergonomically sense of the design. Moreover it is useful for others to see this kind of progress in this way. It’s better to adapt the concept in such a way that it will work, without adding new stuff. A good approach would be to look at existing products.I learned that the design process is a dynamic process. It can constantly be affected by external, unexpected issues. Therefore it’s important to take these into account. A detailed planning in advance can assist me with that.