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Assignment DAD05 Modelling complex systems

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DAD05 Modelling complex systems

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DAD05 Modelling complex systems

What I did:

One of my learning goals was to attend for this assignment, in order to grow in this competency area. Competency D is underrated sometimes; therefore I thought this assignment would help me to get more known in this area.

During this assignment we analyzed as well centralized as decentralized systems. Afterwards we analyzed a scientific report by setting up some agent rules. You can read more information about this step over here. This would help us to thing decentralized. Nowadays, everything is centralized. Within this assignment we had to think decentralized, what was difficult to imagine. Moreover we discussed the complexity of several systems. For this we made use of the computer-program netlogo. This can be compared with the java-project in B1.2. Within this assignment we had to program emerged behavior with turtles (agents) to virtual the real world, in order to test our hypothesis. More information can be read in my report and the simulation (Java-plug-in required).

What I learned:

This program is very useful to model real complexity. It can test your hypothesis by modeling it on the computer. For designers it can be handy to get more insight of the problem. You can test how people react on a certain parameter. In this way you can come up with better solutions or confirm your solution.