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About me


My name is Maarten Geraets. 24 years ago I was born in Brunssum, a city in the south of the Netherlands.  After graduating at Sintermeertencollege (Heerlen, 2006) I started to study BSc. Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. After graduating for my bachelor degree, I went to Delft University of Technology for the Master Design for Interaction program.


The reason why I attended this study was that I have been fascinated by technology and design since childhood. By attending Industrial Design I got the feeling to become a part of this sector myself.


I’m fascinated by technology and innovation, intelligent products and gadgets. They inspire me as upcoming Industrial Designer. Furthermore I like to sport in my spare time. Fitness, snowboarding and soccer are my favorite sports. In addition I enjoy being with my friends and I’m fond of traveling.


My character can be described based on the following words:

Ambitious Cooperative
Critical Curious
Easy going Emphatic
Energetic Observer
Open minded Perfectionist
Realist Resolute
Social Spontaneous


With my knowledge and skills I want to design intelligent products and services. These designs will make life easier and more enjoyable, because in my opinion that’s important in life.


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Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop
concept development creative problem solving design and research processes
designing intelligent systems freehand drawing idea generation
idea selection integration technology interactive prototypes
model making multi-disciplinary teamwork presentation
Rhinoceros 3D rendering self-directed learning technology
user testing video-editing websites
working in a team Solid Works Design Business Processes