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Quizter project



Project description:

Take Twister to the computer environment, and at the same time maintain the physical aspect of the original twister game

Concept description:

Quizter is a digitalized and educative version of the known twister game. It’s is designed for kids up to 10 years old. With Quizter it’s possible to answer questions of a quiz, by placing hands and feet on a certain color. With every good answer the player gains points. To the goal is to get the highest high score. Moreover it’s possible to play online against friends or classmates, placed all around the world. The Quiztermat should be connected with the PC in order to play the game.

Growth as a designer:

This was my first project on the department of Industrial Design. During this project I became aware of the design process and I performed my first user test. Furthermore I got my first presentation-experiences.