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Assignment DA630 How to draw a cup of tea (80 hours)

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DA630 How to draw a cup of tea

Feedback form:

DA630 How to draw a cup of tea (80 hours)

What I did:

I wanted to attend for the ‘how to draw a cup of tea assignment,’ in order to improve my drawing and sketching skills so these become more professional. Then I can use these illustrations for presentations to visualize my ideas and show them more of my ‘own hands,’ with my own style.

We discussed a lot issues concerning hand-drawing, like different draw-techniques and materials. Although the feedback was moderate, I made progression concerning hand-drawing. Here you can see some hand-drawn pictures before I did this assignment. Over here you can find more information about what we did and supporting pictures.

What I learned:

Summarized I got a big boost concerning hand-writing. I got more familiar with drawing techniques, shapes, perspective, materials and expressions. Before I started this assignment I had almost no experience in hand-drawing and wasn’t interested in it. The only way to learn how to draw, is by doing over and over again. In the beginning, I didn’t have sense for it. But after a while, I enjoyed drawing and saw progression. I improved my way of translating my thoughts into visuals. I do have some experience in 3d-modeling, but now I can also draw them on paper. I can use these illustrations for presentation-purposes. Moreover I can people show more of my ‘own hands’ now.