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Extra curricular B2.1

‘Reminder Bracelet’-concept outside the University

I the past got the chance to present our ‘Reminder Bracelet‘-concept outside the University. Some outsiders got interested in this concept and contacted me in order to elaborate. Until now we met a few times and we are currently in the ‘concept perfection’ and juridical phase.

First of all it is a whole experience for me to witness the progress of a concept on paper to a physical product on the market. Until now I learned that business-managers become really enthusiastic when they have a concrete concept, including real numbers & facts and pre-done research. Besides I got a conducted tour through a business-building on the High Tech Campus. Here I saw that there are a lot of different kinds of people required to keep a company running. Besides, good business to business relations are required to introduce a product into the market. Blueprints and prototypes are made over here and mass-production is done in China. If I will elaborate with a company, I should protect myself with several law-suits and elaboration-agreements in order to prevent problems in the future. During expert-meetings with René de Torbal and René Janssen from Octrooicentrum Nederland I got basic instructions how to deal with this and how to search for existing patents of designs on specialized websites. In the end this all makes me more enthusiastic about my future as Industrial Designer. I nosed around how I will act in the future as an Industrial designer and I enjoyed it helping people out by applying my knowledge in helpful designs. Now I know a little bit more how this works in real business. What’s more, I became aware if concept exists for 99%, it’s better to contact current manufacturers rather than re-inventing the wheel yourself. Hopefully this concept development will be continued.


Together with my roommates (all studying Industrial Design at different grades) we are currently busy to start our own (industrial) design company. Saving you the prior story we called Phunge. Until now I don’t have any concrete learning points, but it made me more ethausiastic as becomming an Industrial Designer. For us this is a unique possibility to apply the knowledged we gathered sofar into practise. Due to our different expertises we can fullfill eachother in order to design in a proffesional way.