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JAVA Project

100-Points (JAVA Project)


Project description:
The project started with an activity week where in a pressure cooker was given about the same subject as the project. The subject of the project is the Swinxs, a game console for children under twelve. It is meant to stimulate playing outdoors. Our goal was to come up with a new game for this console and then work it out in a Java program. In the first two weeks we worked on the standard assignment in order to get know ledged with java environment and the luctor. Afterwards we came up with several ideas to play with the Swinxs. In the end we came with the 100-points concept.

Concept description:
100-points is a game for the Swinxs, it is based on a tag game. It is an interactive and active game for children between 8 and 10. The goal is to gather as many points as you can until you reach a 100. You do this by holding your tag to the Swinxs while you are playing tag, but watch out for the tagger; he will tag you and take the bracelets with the points you gathered so he can win himself. The Swinxs will call out random colors, if your bracelet has that color you have to tag yourself of at the Swinxs or you will lose your precious points. This game is a challenge for all the kids involved, they can come up with strategies and help each other out during the game.

Growth as a designer:

I became more acquainted with java programming; this enables me to create more realistic simulations in java in the future. In addition I realized that a flowchart is a powerful tool to show outsiders more of the java code behind the simulation in a superficial way. In the java project I created awareness of introducing a new innovative product on the market is more difficult that it looks like. A good starting point is to look at the existing market position critically, in order to see where possible improvement is needed. Also looking at the competitors should not be underestimated. The Boston Consultancy Group Matrix is a useful method to define that. Moreover there are a lot of people, all over the world, involved in order to introduce a new product. Good relations, communications and planning within co-relations are obligatory.