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Ann De Gersem


David Morgan


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During the semester my design vision changed in a broader point of view. Idea generation/selection should not only be done by sketching with pencil and paper. By making physical models it enables me to come with other innovative thoughts and directly show them to other people. By performing user testing on the models in combination with the right structure and approach I can get the information I need. Modern rapid manufacturing techniques enables me to design whatever I want, without restrictions of conventional manufacturing techniques. I also extended my view about the available materials; there are so much more interesting materials to design with than just wood, plastic and steel. However the sustainability of the design should not be underestimated, as a designer I can have a big influence on that. When I just started this education I was able to make a model out of clay and implementing one or two LED’s in it. The most important growth during this semester was concerning the physical prototype realization. Phidgets, Flash, Cardboard Modelling and Rapid Prototyping enable me to create working prototypes including physical interaction. For me that is what designing is all about. Especially in combination with my technical pre-knowledge and 3D-design I really enjoy designing. Personally I think I will focus on technical implementation and realization in the future as an Industrial Design Engineer. The last three projects (one duo and two individual projects) made me come to the conclusion I rather work in a team than on my own. I’m a social guy and a team player. Therefore I feel more at ease when I can work within a team in order to create more elaborated and professional designs. Furthermore this semester changed my vision of reflecting. My previous SE’s were focused on quantitative rather than qualitative reflection. Nowadays I focus on personal development in a concrete way. This changed me as a person to look towards myself, because my SE should contain personal reflection rather than a recipe how to gather knowledge.

Task/Competency 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D
JAVA Project x x x x x
The Sparkling Home project x x x x x x x
Assignment DA129 Cardboard Modelling (80) x x x
Assignment DA130 Design for Creativity x
Assignment DA207 Rapid Prototyping x x x
Assignment DA311 User Testing x
Assignment DA427 Design for the Environment x x
Assignment DA612 Materials in Design x
Assignment DAC02 More SE x