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Java Project


Project description:

The goal of this project was to program an environment in which occurs emergent behavior. The faculty delivered us as standard environment, with sample agents and objects. By playing with java and use pre-defined codes, the agents would have some simple rules. Caused to that rules, the program would run and some unexpected situations would pass by. That’s what’s called emergent behavior.

Concept description:
This idea is based on the Television show Lost. In this show an aircraft crashes down on a small island. The survivors are exploring the island and notice that they are not alone. A Lot of strange things happen on the island. There are not only other people but also other islands. They all want to escape the island and head back to the civilized world.

Our idea was to create four islands one big island with the survivors of the aircraft, one big island with the strange people, one island where they can get water and one where they can get food. On the islands were they can get food and water there are strange monsters that can kill people. Also the relation between the two groups of peoples is not good. If two people of a different group meet each other, they kill them.

The survivors are separated in two groups: the exploders and the people at the camp. The exploders are going to collect food and water on the other islands and the people at camp they build huts. Also the “others” are separated in two groups: the scientists and the people at home. The scientists going to search other people to do experiments with them and the people at the basic island are collecting food and water.

Growth as a designer:

During this semester I applied the knowledge from the Java assignment into practice. I learned how to create simulations in the Java environment