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Overview of B1.1





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Competency coach:

Joris Maas


Mark Geilen


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Growth as a Designer:Relative growth B1.1

During this semester I became aware of the system of Industrial Design. Moreover I learned the basics of a design process and I extended my knowledge concerning Java programming, the basics of User Focus & Perspective, how to create models out of clay and foam, how to reflect upon myself as an industrial designer and I refreshed my math skills from secondary school. In the end I got my first presentation-experiences.

Task/Competency 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D
Quizter project x x x x x x x
Blue Helmet project x x x x x x x
Assignment DA242 – Java A and Java B (80) x x
Assignment DA315 – UFP Basics (80) x
Assignment DA611 – Model Making x
Assignment DAC01 – ID’s ME x
Assignment DAD01 – VWO Math Skills – refresh course x