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Project Sticky Wall

AWG Architecten

Project description:

This project is about a new importance and definition of special interior separations. Think of the meaning of separations within spaces. Discover the possibilities of interconnections between constructional elements and functions next to atmospherical aspects of an interior space. The location of this interior separations is the new loft dwellings in the ‘lichttoren’ ( The dividers can be everywhere in the loft. A room divider in the living room, a separation between work and live area, a divider in a large open spaces, a divider between bed- and bathroom etc.

Concept description:
The ‘sticky-wall’ add the extra feature to an existing wall to adapt the wall to you own style and needs. It is made of several metal ‘plates’ from 1m2 and about 5cm thick. You can place them on your existing wall, where you want, as many you want. Every plate should be connected to the power web. The basic plate looks like a whiteboard, but you can order plates with different colors, patterns, textures or make drawings on it to make it your own.

On these plates you can place a wide range of accessory to cheer up the wall (like boards, hooks, lamps, strips), depending on the need for it. You can simple add all these products by placing them on the plates where you like. All these products will have a small super-magnetic layer placed on it, so they will stick onto the plates on the wall. You can simply add/remove or move one where ever you want; very easy and without traces. Besides you can buy super-magnetic strips so you can stick your own creations on the wall. Perfect when your collection is changing all the time, or just want to try something else very easily and without traces.

On the right-upper corner there is a dimmer build in the plate. By dragging your finger over this dimmer you can control the amount of power send to the electronic devices (like lamps or movie screens). So you can control the luminosity of the lamps in order to create the best fitting light ambiance. All the electrical devices get their power wireless.

The wireless power is supplied due WiTricity-technology. This technology is still in development, but currently it is possible to light up a light bulb of 60W over a distance of 2 meters with 40% yield. The receiving-coil, that will send to power to the lamp for instance, is build in the plates. The other coil is build in the electronically devices.

The meaning of this concept is that you can adapt the wall to your needs, because it is very easy to add/remove or move boards or hooks for example. The owner can be creative with placing all the objects. Besides it leaves no traces at all, so you can try it as many times if you want. You are free to try out what you want, there are no limits.

For more detailed information, view the poster.

Growth as designer:

My first individual project made me aware of different idea generation and selection techniques. Furthermore I learned that as designer I should not be restricted by contemporary techniques while designing.