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Assignment DA315 – UFP Basics (80)

Link to owinfo:dsc00016 Interview mp3-users

DA315 – UFP Basics (80)

Feedback form:

DA315 – UFP Basics (80)

What I did:

Lectures, user interview, redesigning MP3-player for kids

What I learned:

During this assignment I became aware of the basic principles of User Focus & Perspective. User tests and interviews are very powerful to gain information. You can even become aware of things you never thought about before. You can use them to check the results of other sources. Nevertheless, Internet and books can also contain very valuable info. Before you set up an interview or user test, it is very important to know before what you want to know. Most of your users do not have much time and you only want useful information. Not every user of your target group is the same. They all have their own preferences. Therefore, try to adapt your design with a focus on the end user.