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Assignment DA215 Manufacturing Technology

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DA215 Manufacturing Technology

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DA215 Manufacturing Technology

What I did:

During this assignment we discussed the basic principles of materials properties as described in the book of MP Groover. Material starting, editing, removal and applications were conferred. Moreover we visited the GTD (Gemeenschappelijke Technische Dienst) twice. During this visit we saw different material editing methods.

What I learned:

I learned that every method has its pros and cons. It is very important to recon when designing. Moreover the different parameters like speed, cutting material and pressure are very important. Otherwise you can damage your design and the machine. We also had a workshop about how to work with glass, this requires a lot of practise but it was really fascinating to see what’s possible. We also saw some removal-, attach- and reshaping-methods of different kind of materials. A complete report about this visit can be read here. In the end of this assignment we had to describe the mass- and single production of a CD-ROM drive, supported by the gained knowledge of the GTD-visit. You can see our report here.

I learned that manufacturing products is more difficult than it looks like. There are a lot of different materials that all need different ways of production-methods. When designing, it is very important to keep this in mind. Moreover it is very important to know in advance the number of products you want to manufacture. When looking to the number of products you want to make, every production-method has a certain point where the production-cost per product is the lowest.