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Assignment DA511 The Context of New Product Development

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DA511 The Context of New Product Development

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DA511 The Context of New Product Development

What I did:

During the first lecture of this assignment we discussed several methods to define the success or failure in the market of a company or product. Afterwards we had to do more research concerning these techniques and apply the most appropriate techniques to analyze the success of the Toyota Prius. You can see our entire outcome in our report.

During this assignment we did research on the success of the Toyota Prius hybrid car. We came to the conclusion that hybrid cars are becoming a success due their financial and environmental benefits. Especially the last one becomes more essential in the future. Therefore Toyota made a clever step concerning the success of their cars in the future.

What I learned:

During this assignment I became more aware of methods to define the position of a product or company in the market. I can also use this kind of methods to classify the success or failure of a product. For me as an upcoming designer, these techniques are also useful for me. I can get more insight of the market when designing. Moreover I can adapt the market direction in advance with these tools.

I learned that focusing on an increasing market segment can be interesting for companies. In this case, focusing on environmental friendly products will is an interesting market for the future designs.