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Assignment DA130 Design for Creativity

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DA130 Design for Creativity



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DA130 Design for Creativity

What I did:

One of my learning goals for this semester was to grow in this competency area. By trying different and new methods and techniques I can judge which methods has my preference. During this assignment we had to design a product which supports creative people within their creative process. My solution is focussed on the idea selection phase in order to get rid of designer’s versus user’s preferences. Personally I experienced this problem twice. More information about my solution can be read in the report on page 8-10.

What I learned:

I became aware is very useful to judge the selection of an idea in creative process based on different point of views. The Six Thinking Hats is a useful method for reconsidering those decisions. By forcing me to look at a broader perspective of the decision, it will result in a better foundation to select on. Unfortunately I expected to learn more different creativity techniques in this assignment, my goal is to attend for another assignment in this competency area or to read lecture about different creativity techniques. In this way I can broaden my knowledge about different techniques so I can judge which have my preference.