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Competency coach:

Frans Taminiau


Peppijn Rijnbout


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During the project I learned that a combination of ‘cc-box-method’ with criteria-list is a nice selection procedure. Selecting ideas, based on a list of criteria is extremely useful. Furthermore I got more familiar with the InDesign Program to design reports. Also the use of several models can give me a better view about the shape and ergonomically sense of the design. It’s better to adapt the concept in such a way that it will work, without adding new stuff.  learned that the design process is a dynamic process. It can constantly be affected by external, unexpected issues.

During the individual project I learned where to find scientific research sources and how to implement it in the report. I also learned that contacting experts outside the boundaries of the TU/e is very useful. They can give helpful feedback on the concept, because they are much more known with the practical side. Furthermore I became aware how to deal with the ‘privacy-agreement’ on this faculty. In presentations or reports I recommend using a scenario with (real) pictures if possible. This will make the whole concept much more clearly for the audience.

Concerning the assignments I learned there are a lot of different techniques to make use of my creativity. I became more familiar with different problem definition, idea generation and idea selection techniques.

I learned that manufacturing products is more difficult than it looks like. There are a lot of different materials that all need different ways of production-methods. Moreover it is very important to know in advance the number of products you want to manufacture.

I became more aware of methods to define the position of a product or company in the market. I can also use this kind of methods to classify the success or failure of a product. Moreover I can adapt the market direction in advance with these tools. I learned that focusing on an increasing market segment can be interesting for companies. In this case, focusing on environmental friendly products is an interesting market for the future designs.

I got more awareness concerning digital video recording and editing. To make a good movie, I should think about the right parameters in advance.

I got a big boost concerning hand-writing. I got more familiar with drawing techniques, shapes, perspective, materials and expressions.

I learned how a good structured design- or research-report should look like. Moreover I got more familiar with the writing process and how to make a good planning for this.

I became aware how to use the Netlogo application to model real complexity. I can test my hypothesis by modeling it on the computer. For designers it can be handy to get more insight of the problem. In this way you can come up with better solutions or confirm your solution.

Task/Competency 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D
Reminder Bracelet project x x x x x x x
Design Against Fear project x x x x x x x x
Assignment DA131 Creativity Techniques x
Assignment DA215 Manufacturing Technology x
Assignment DA511 The Context of New Product Development x
Assignment DA612 Digital Video x
Assignment DA630 How to draw a cup of tea (80 hours) x
Assignment DAA03 Reporting your design – designing your report x x
Assignment DAD05 Modelling complex systems x x