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Competency coach:

Sander Mulder


René de Torbal


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Growth as designer:Relative competency growth B1.2

During this semester I applied the knowledge from the Java assignment into practice. I learned how to create simulations in the Java environment. My first individual project made me aware of different idea generation and selection techniques. Furthermore I learned that as designer I should not be restricted by contemporary techniques while designing.

Concerning the assignments I extend my knowledge about electronics and electronically circuits. I learned how to make simple electronic circuits and do calculations on it. I also I became aware how trends are created and how to present your product on the market. I also sharpen by vision of a design by looking at it from different aspects. What’s more I became aware how to analyze a company/product in it’s marketing mix and values, how to make a strategic canvas for a product and to think of exceptional values and make a new strategic canvas for this new product. I also learned how to come up with a new product idea by looking at a strategic canvas. I learned that colors are very important for the aesthetics of a design. I also became aware with the Rhinoceros to create 3D models and renders with it. In the end I extended my self-regulation and reflection skills.

Task/Competency 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D
Java Project x x x x x
Project Sticky Wall x x x x x x x
Assignment DA264 Introduction Electronics x
Assignment DA422 Trend Cockpit x
Assignment DA515 Creating Monopolies x
Assignment DA616 Color & Vision x
Assignment DA619 Rhinoceros x
Assignment DAC02 More SE x