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Assignment DA515 Creating Monopolies

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DA515 Creating Monopolies

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DA515 Creating Monopolies

What I did:

During this assignment we had a lecture about a different marketing subject every week. Afterwards we had to implement the gained knowledge into a company we had to analyse. We had to analyse the company Ben & Jerry’s and present our results every week.

We analysed Ben & Jerry’s and their products the way we learned during the lectures: Marketing Mix (P’s), values of the ice-creams and strategic canvas. Afterwards we had to choose a new (extreme) target group. Then we had to make a new marketing mix, new exception values, new strategic canvas and we designed a new ice-cream for our new assigned target group. In the end we made a report about all this. In the end I read the book ‘Competentietraining Marketing.’ This is a book about the basics of marketing.

What I learned:

I became aware how to analyze a company/product in it’s marketing mix and values, how to make a strategic canvas for a product and to think of exceptional values and make a new strategic canvas for this new product. I also learned how to come up with a new product idea by looking at a strategic canvas.