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FBP “Woven Worlds”

Final Bachelor Project ‘Woven Worlds’ Coach: ir. M.F. Versteeg Theme: Wearable Senses Coach feedback (Login ID Compass required) Client feedback Project Report (opens in new window) Project description Company (client) has developed an Internet portal that gives households insight in their electricity use. In order to make better use of this, a tangible extension […]

Big Images – Stadium Generale

Website Big Images: Assement Pending As B3.1 student, I had to participate in an obligatorily Stadium Generale university college for 3 ECTS. I decided to choose for Big Images in order to become more proficient in analyzing visuals on an academic scale. I attended for the college every week, read the syllabus, made four […]

FBP “Retrieve Anthony’s Transponder”

Final Bachelor Project “Retrieve Anthony’s Transponder” Coach: F.L.M. (Frank) Delbressine Theme: Medical Care Coach Feedback (ONLY VIEWABLE AFTER LOGIN IDCOMPASS!) Feedback Frank Hendriks (manager healthcare at De Archipel) Feedback Herman Aartsen (system engineer at Wingz) Feedback Ron Niesten (manager Wingz) Project Report Project description: People wearing Anthony’s transponder can be located and traced within […]

Project Supporting Sportsmanschip

Project Supporting Sportsmanschip Coach: Emilia Barakova Theme: Social robots & Humanoids Project report Coach Feedback Project description: This project was about designing a training robot for sports­man that not only trains your skills, but also motivates you, by for instance giving feedback on your movement and emotions. Human emotions are, apart from other ways, ex­pressed […]

Assignment DAD05 Modelling complex systems

Link to OWinfo: DAD05 Modelling complex systems Feedback form: DAD05 Modelling complex systems What I did: One of my learning goals was to attend for this assignment, in order to grow in this competency area. Competency D is underrated sometimes; therefore I thought this assignment would help me to get more known in this area. […]

Assignment DA242 – Java A and Java B (80)

Link to owinfo: DA242 – Java A and Java B (80) Feedback form: DA242 – Java A and Java B (80) What I did: Lectures and exercises concerning Java programming. What I learned: The basics from the computer language JAVA. You can use them for many things: calculations, drawings, animation, games. There is so much […]

Assignment DAD01 – VWO Math Skills – refresh course

Link to owinfo: DAD01 – VWO Math Skills – refresh course Feedback form: DAD01 – VWO Math Skills – refresh course What I did: Math lectures. What I learned: During this assignment I refleshed my VWO Math skills.

Rhythm of Life 2.0 Project

Rhythm of life 2.0 Client       S. Bambang Oetomo – MMC Veldhoven Coach      Wei Chen Theme     Medical Care Date         01-09-2008 09-01-2009 Project description: The main focus of the project was the birth of a baby. Sometimes when a baby is born it might get a heart attack, which occurs frequently. The hospital staff is special trained […]