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Assignment DA242 – Java A and Java B (80)

Link to owinfo: DA242 – Java A and Java B (80) Feedback form: DA242 – Java A and Java B (80) What I did: Lectures and exercises concerning Java programming. What I learned: The basics from the computer language JAVA. You can use them for many things: calculations, drawings, animation, games. There is so much […]

JAVA Project

100-Points (JAVA Project) Client: Swinxs Project description: The project started with an activity week where in a pressure cooker was given about the same subject as the project. The subject of the project is the Swinxs, a game console for children under twelve. It is meant to stimulate playing outdoors. Our goal was to come […]

Java Project

Client: N/A Project description: The goal of this project was to program an environment in which occurs emergent behavior. The faculty delivered us as standard environment, with sample agents and objects. By playing with java and use pre-defined codes, the agents would have some simple rules. Caused to that rules, the program would run and […]


To view the top-layer of the past click on the link below: Overview of the past More detailed information about the past can be viewed below: B1.1 Overview of B1.1 Quizter project DPS-BOB (Directional Protection System – Blue On Blue) Assignments B1.1 Assignment DA242 – Java A and Java B (80) Assignment DA315 – UFP […]