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Reminder Bracelet project

Client: PON, Innoflow & Symantics Project description: The main goal of our project was to support the caretaker of a dement­ed person. We tried to do this by designing a simple and user-friendly product for the patient. We designed a reminder bracelet that notices if the patient visits the toilet regularly. With this product we […]

Blue Helmet project

Client: TNO Project description: With the disappearance of the traditional enemy concept, also the role of the Dutch military has changed in recent years. It has become a sort of international police force. Peace keeping missions either in UN or NATO context have become daily practice. This new role comes with new challenges. For example, […]

Quizter project

Client: Jumbo Project description: Take Twister to the computer environment, and at the same time maintain the physical aspect of the original twister game Concept description: Quizter is a digitalized and educative version of the known twister game. It’s is designed for kids up to 10 years old. With Quizter it’s possible to answer questions […]

Rhythm of Life 2.0 Project

Rhythm of life 2.0 Client       S. Bambang Oetomo – MMC Veldhoven Coach      Wei Chen Theme     Medical Care Date         01-09-2008 09-01-2009 Project description: The main focus of the project was the birth of a baby. Sometimes when a baby is born it might get a heart attack, which occurs frequently. The hospital staff is special trained […]