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Assignment DG505 – Financial and Economical Aspects of Product Design

Link to OWinfo: DG505 – Financial and Economical Aspects of Product Design Feedback form: Feedback at IDcompass Deliverable: A section of the normal project report where the financial aspects are addressed via the models, methods and tools mentioned. See report and excel sheet on ID Compass. Competencies developed: 5, (B), (D) Reflection: During my internship […]

Overview of B3.2

Overview At the beginning of this semester I set myself a few goals, which were based on the feedback of my previous assessment as well my competency development in the past. My main goals were to have a broaden ideation phase in my project where would give me more design iterations and diversity options at every step. In addition, there […]

Extra curricular

Lecture Business Model Inc. Lecture Business Model Inc. April 2010 I attended to a guest lecture from Patrick van der Pijl and Camillia van den Boom concerning their company Business Model Inc. and the book Business Model Generation (see their website). During the lecture, I gain insight how to visualize business models as well how […]

Assignment DG309 – Co-reflection

Link to OWinfo: DG309 – Co-reflection Feedback form: Feedback at IDcompass Deliverable: Report with the aim, proposed methodology, results, analysis, concept development from the two co-reflective sessions developed and personal reflections based on the ecological validity. See here: Report Co-Reflection (ID Compass) Competencies developed: 1,3,B Reflection: One of my goals was to gather new tools […]

FBP “Woven Worlds”

Final Bachelor Project ‘Woven Worlds’ Coach: ir. M.F. Versteeg Theme: Wearable Senses Coach feedback (Login ID Compass required) Client feedback Project Report (opens in new window) Project description Company (client) has developed an Internet portal that gives households insight in their electricity use. In order to make better use of this, a tangible extension […]

Extra curricular

One of my goals was to read more literature concerning designing. In my free time, I read two books and watched a documentary that gave me inspiration as designer. These three activities were all involved in sustainable design. Furthermore, I presented and visited at the Dutch Design Week 2009. Sustainable Everyday The book “Sustainable Everyday”, […]

Big Images – Stadium Generale

Website Big Images: Assement Pending As B3.1 student, I had to participate in an obligatorily Stadium Generale university college for 3 ECTS. I decided to choose for Big Images in order to become more proficient in analyzing visuals on an academic scale. I attended for the college every week, read the syllabus, made four […]

Assignment DA409 Design for the Environment

Link to OWinfo: DG409 – Design for the Environment Feedback form: Feedback at IDcompass Deliverable: Presentation and reporting on workshop results Competencies developed: (1), 4, (B) Reflection: One of my goals was to grow in the competency area four and spectacular to sustainable design. A year ago, I attended also for the assignment design for […]

Overview of B3.1

Overview Based on my past, I had a lack of competency development in areas 4 and D. In this semester, I tried to decrease this setback. During my FBP I became more aware of myself as a designer and saw that I have to be more critical. I was able to apply my identity as […]

FBP “Retrieve Anthony’s Transponder”

Final Bachelor Project “Retrieve Anthony’s Transponder” Coach: F.L.M. (Frank) Delbressine Theme: Medical Care Coach Feedback (ONLY VIEWABLE AFTER LOGIN IDCOMPASS!) Feedback Frank Hendriks (manager healthcare at De Archipel) Feedback Herman Aartsen (system engineer at Wingz) Feedback Ron Niesten (manager Wingz) Project Report Project description: People wearing Anthony’s transponder can be located and traced within […]