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Overview of B3.2

Overview At the beginning of this semester I set myself a few goals, which were based on the feedback of my previous assessment as well my competency development in the past. My main goals were to have a broaden ideation phase in my project where would give me more design iterations and diversity options at every step. In addition, there […]

Overview of B3.1

Overview Based on my past, I had a lack of competency development in areas 4 and D. In this semester, I tried to decrease this setback. During my FBP I became more aware of myself as a designer and saw that I have to be more critical. I was able to apply my identity as […]


To view the top-layer of the present click on the link below: Overview of B3.1 More detailed information about the present can be viewed below: FBP “Retrieve Anthony’s Transponder” Assignment DA409 Design for the Environment Big Images – Stadium Generale Extra curricular

Overview of B2.2

General info: Theme: Yellow, Social Robots & Humanoids Competency coach: Emilia Barakova Competency coach feedback: CCFBB22R0-16-06-2009 Feedback scales workbook: Excel or PDF Feedback scales, click on picture to zoom Overall growth: During the project I was engaged in creating prototypes, integrating technology, performing user testing, visualizing, research process and data analyzing. The assignment Ideas and […]

Overview B1.2R1

Domain: Work/Green Verdict: H View assesment Competency coach: Frans Taminiau Assessor: Peppijn Rijnbout SE: Link to SE B1.2R1 Growth as a designer: During the project I learned that a combination of ‘cc-box-method’ with criteria-list is a nice selection procedure. Selecting ideas, based on a list of criteria is extremely useful. Furthermore I got more familiar […]

Overview of B1.2

Domain: Health/Orange Verdict: H View assessment Competency coach: Sander Mulder Assessor: René de Torbal SE: Link to SE B1.2 Growth as designer: During this semester I applied the knowledge from the Java assignment into practice. I learned how to create simulations in the Java environment. My first individual project made me aware of different idea […]

Overview of B1.1

Domain: Play/Entertainment/Gray Verdict: C View assessment Competency coach: Joris Maas Assessor: Mark Geilen SE: Link to SE B1.1 Growth as a Designer: During this semester I became aware of the system of Industrial Design. Moreover I learned the basics of a design process and I extended my knowledge concerning Java programming, the basics of User […]


To view the top-layer of the past click on the link below: Overview of the past More detailed information about the past can be viewed below: B1.1 Overview of B1.1 Quizter project DPS-BOB (Directional Protection System – Blue On Blue) Assignments B1.1 Assignment DA242 – Java A and Java B (80) Assignment DA315 – UFP […]