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FBP “Woven Worlds”

Final Bachelor Project ‘Woven Worlds’ Coach: ir. M.F. Versteeg Theme: Wearable Senses Coach feedback (Login ID Compass required) Client feedback Project Report (opens in new window) Project description Company (client) has developed an Internet portal that gives households insight in their electricity use. In order to make better use of this, a tangible extension […]

Assignment DA207 Rapid Prototyping

Link to OWinfo: DA207 Rapid Prototyping Feedback form: DA207 Rapid Prototyping What I did: One of my previous goals was to attend for the assignment Material Behaviour. Unfortunately this one was full. Therefore I attended for Rapid Prototyping in order to become more known with different manufacturing processes like rapid manufacturing and extend my knowledge […]

The Sparkling Home project

The Nutritap (The Sparkling Home-project) Client: Marcel van Heist Project description: Within this individual project on the domain Home we were challenged to design purpose specific interaction styles for water supply. Every team, including five people, was devoted to a specific room in the house and received a magazine. Based on that room and the […]

Quizter project

Client: Jumbo Project description: Take Twister to the computer environment, and at the same time maintain the physical aspect of the original twister game Concept description: Quizter is a digitalized and educative version of the known twister game. It’s is designed for kids up to 10 years old. With Quizter it’s possible to answer questions […]

Assignment DG200 – Creative Programming for Designers

Link to OWinfo: DG200 Creative Programming for Designer Feedback form: DG200 Creative Programming for Designer Reflection: One of my goals was to increase my experience of using different computer languages and technologies for creating interactive prototypes. Before I started this assignment I had some experience before in creating interactive prototypes including Flash and Phidgets as […]

Rhythm of Life 2.0 Project

Rhythm of life 2.0 Client       S. Bambang Oetomo – MMC Veldhoven Coach      Wei Chen Theme     Medical Care Date         01-09-2008 09-01-2009 Project description: The main focus of the project was the birth of a baby. Sometimes when a baby is born it might get a heart attack, which occurs frequently. The hospital staff is special trained […]


To view the top-layer of the past click on the link below: Overview of the past More detailed information about the past can be viewed below: B1.1 Overview of B1.1 Quizter project DPS-BOB (Directional Protection System – Blue On Blue) Assignments B1.1 Assignment DA242 – Java A and Java B (80) Assignment DA315 – UFP […]