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The Sparkling Home project

The Nutritap (The Sparkling Home-project) Client: Marcel van Heist Project description: Within this individual project on the domain Home we were challenged to design purpose specific interaction styles for water supply. Every team, including five people, was devoted to a specific room in the house and received a magazine. Based on that room and the […]

Design Against Fear project

DFMD (Driving Fear Monitoring Device) Client: Maastricht University Project description: The goal of my individual project was to design a product or service what will help the amaxophonics (people with fear of driving) to overcome their fear faster. To overcome driving fear, the patient usually has to drive daily, what takes a lot of time […]

Project Sticky Wall

Client: AWG Architecten Project description: This project is about a new importance and definition of special interior separations. Think of the meaning of separations within spaces. Discover the possibilities of interconnections between constructional elements and functions next to atmospherical aspects of an interior space. The location of this interior separations is the new loft dwellings […]