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Extra curricular

Lecture Business Model Inc. Lecture Business Model Inc. April 2010 I attended to a guest lecture from Patrick van der Pijl and Camillia van den Boom concerning their company Business Model Inc. and the book Business Model Generation (see their website). During the lecture, I gain insight how to visualize business models as well how […]


To view the top-layer of the present click on the link below: Overview of B3.1 More detailed information about the present can be viewed below: FBP “Retrieve Anthony’s Transponder” Assignment DA409 Design for the Environment Big Images – Stadium Generale Extra curricular

Extra curricular B2.2

ID Colloquium 15-5-2009 Competencies developed: A & C Reflection: As mentioned in the competency coach feedback, I have been asked to present our concept from the Rhythm of Life 2.0 project on the ID colloquium of 15 May. I presented our concept a few times before during some open days for deans. However the presentation […]

Extra curricular B2.1

‘Reminder Bracelet’-concept outside the University I the past got the chance to present our ‘Reminder Bracelet‘-concept outside the University. Some outsiders got interested in this concept and contacted me in order to elaborate. Until now we met a few times and we are currently in the ‘concept perfection’ and juridical phase. First of all it […]


To view the top-layer of the past click on the link below: Overview of the past More detailed information about the past can be viewed below: B1.1 Overview of B1.1 Quizter project DPS-BOB (Directional Protection System – Blue On Blue) Assignments B1.1 Assignment DA242 – Java A and Java B (80) Assignment DA315 – UFP […]