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Assignment DA619 Rhinoceros

Link to owinfo: DA619  Rhinoceros Feedback form: DA619  Rhinoceros What I did: Performed tutorials and attended for courses concerning Rhinoceros. What I learned: During the assignment I learned how to create 3D models and renders with Rhinoceros.

Assignment DA616 Color & Vision

Link to owinfo: DA616 Color & Vision Feedback form: DA616 Color & Vision What I did: Wrote a paper about the future and made a drawing. What I learned: During the assignment I learned that colours have a big influence of the aesthetics of a design. Furthermore I became aware of the importance of colours […]

Assignment DAC02 More SE

Link to owinfo: DAC02 More SE Feedback form: DAC02 More SE What I did: Practised self-reflection skills.Improved visual from the ID’s ME assignment. What I learned: During the assignment I extended my self-regulation and reflection skills. How to bring more structure in my SE How to set realistic goals based on a good evaluation To […]

Assignment DA422 Trend Cockpit

Link to owinfo: DA422 Trend Cockpit Feedback form: DA422 Trend Cockpit What I did: Visited Autorai 2007, presented newest trends What I learned: During the assignment I became aware how trends are created and how to present your product on the market. I also sharpen by vision of a design by looking at it from […]

Assignment DA515 Creating Monopolies

Link to owinfo: DA515 Creating Monopolies Feedback form: DA515 Creating Monopolies What I did: During this assignment we had a lecture about a different marketing subject every week. Afterwards we had to implement the gained knowledge into a company we had to analyse. We had to analyse the company Ben & Jerry’s and present our […]

Assignments B1.2

Assignment DA264 Introduction Electronics Assignment DA422 Trend Cockpit Assignment DA515 Creating Monopolies Assignment DA616 Color & Vision Assignment DA619 Rhinoceros Assignment DAC02 More SE

Assignment DA264 Introduction Electronics

Link to owinfo: DA264 Introduction Electronics Feedback form: DA264 Introduction Electronics What I did: Attended courses, made homework and created electronical circuits and models. What I learned: During the assignment I extend my knowledge about electronics and electronically circuits. I learned how to make simple electronic circuits and do calculations on it.

Overview of B1.2

Domain: Health/Orange Verdict: H View assessment Competency coach: Sander Mulder Assessor: René de Torbal SE: Link to SE B1.2 Growth as designer: During this semester I applied the knowledge from the Java assignment into practice. I learned how to create simulations in the Java environment. My first individual project made me aware of different idea […]

Overview of B2.1

General info: Theme: Medical Care Competency coach: Wei Chen Feedback scales workbook: Excel or PDF Overall growth: This semester I became more experienced in creating interactive prototypes using Flash/Phidgets and processing/Arduino. I performed my first professional user test in a hospital and became aware how to analyze the complex data of the user tests. Furthermore […]

Project Sticky Wall

Client: AWG Architecten Project description: This project is about a new importance and definition of special interior separations. Think of the meaning of separations within spaces. Discover the possibilities of interconnections between constructional elements and functions next to atmospherical aspects of an interior space. The location of this interior separations is the new loft dwellings […]