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Assignment DAC02 More SE

Link to OWinfo: DAC02 More SE Feedback form: DAC02 More SE What I did: Another point of improvement concerning my previous assessment (B1.2R1) is the lack of a clear structure. To refresh the theoretical background of the SE I decided to attend for the assignment More SE. During the assignment More SE I refreshed the […]

Assignment DA612 Materials in Design

Link to OWinfo: DA612 Materials in Design Feedback form: DA612 Materials in Design What I did: I started this assignment by analyzing the material (D3O) on a functional, sensorial, emotional and application point of view. I never had any interest in materials. However due the material research I realized that it is quite interesting to […]

Assignment DA427 Design for the Environment

Link to OWinfo: DA427 Design for the Environment Feedback form: DA427 Design for the Environment What I did: One of my goals was to attend for this assignment in order to grow in this sub-competency area. In my opinion sustainability is an underestimated issue which will become more and more important nowadays, especially for designers. […]

Assignment DA311 User Testing

Link to OWinfo: DA311 User Testing Feedback form: DA311 User Testing What I did: One of my goals was to extend my user testing and UFP skills, because there was no possibility to do user testing during the projects I did so far. Unless some mis communications between the team members we performed several user […]

Assignment DA207 Rapid Prototyping

Link to OWinfo: DA207 Rapid Prototyping Feedback form: DA207 Rapid Prototyping What I did: One of my previous goals was to attend for the assignment Material Behaviour. Unfortunately this one was full. Therefore I attended for Rapid Prototyping in order to become more known with different manufacturing processes like rapid manufacturing and extend my knowledge […]

Assignment DA130 Design for Creativity

Link to OWinfo: DA130 Design for Creativity Feedback form: DA130 Design for Creativity What I did: One of my learning goals for this semester was to grow in this competency area. By trying different and new methods and techniques I can judge which methods has my preference. During this assignment we had to design a […]

Assignments B1.2R2

Assignment DA129 Cardboard Modelling (80) Assignment DA130 Design for Creativity Assignment DA207 Rapid Prototyping Assignment DA311 User Testing Assignment DA427 Design for the Environment Assignment DA612 Materials in Design Assignment DAC02 More SE

The Sparkling Home project

The Nutritap (The Sparkling Home-project) Client: Marcel van Heist Project description: Within this individual project on the domain Home we were challenged to design purpose specific interaction styles for water supply. Every team, including five people, was devoted to a specific room in the house and received a magazine. Based on that room and the […]

JAVA Project

100-Points (JAVA Project) Client: Swinxs Project description: The project started with an activity week where in a pressure cooker was given about the same subject as the project. The subject of the project is the Swinxs, a game console for children under twelve. It is meant to stimulate playing outdoors. Our goal was to come […]

Design Against Fear project

DFMD (Driving Fear Monitoring Device) Client: Maastricht University Project description: The goal of my individual project was to design a product or service what will help the amaxophonics (people with fear of driving) to overcome their fear faster. To overcome driving fear, the patient usually has to drive daily, what takes a lot of time […]